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    Woodridge United Methodist Church

Join us on Sunday for worship services
at  10:00 am.

Instructions can be found at the end below.
All are Welcome!








“By Water AND the Spirit”

This is the 1st Sunday of the brand new calendar year and we will gather to worship and celebrate holy communion.  As we gather on this Sunday, many of us have made "resolutions" for places we would like to focus our energy and attention this year.  These resolutions will guide our thinking and our actions for the coming year.  Whether for self-improvement or general life changes, New Year's resolutions are sometimes tough to keep up with.


As we look to worship together, we are reminded that we are God's beloved children.  Our baptism just welcomes us into God's family with our other siblings and sets us apart for our mission and ministry in the world.  John the Baptizer (as he is sometimes referred to) baptized those who believed with water, but let the world know that Jesus was coming to baptize believers with the Spirit.  This Spirit is one of compassion and care for the least the last and the left out.  It is the Spirit of love for neighbor and one's self.  It is the Spirit that shows love and hope in the midst of hate and despair.  And we are the recipients!!


So let's talk about how we put that into action on Sunday when we focus on "BY WATER AND THE SPIRIT" in worship.  Join us at 10:00 a.m..  We would love to see you in person, but if not, join us on our Woodridge UMC YouTube Channel.



Friday, January 5th

  • Noon First Friday Lunch

Saturday, January 6th

  • 8:45 am Sorority
  • 7:00 pm Square Dancing

Sunday, January 7th

  • 8:30 am Worship Band
  • 10:00 am Worship Service
  • 11:00 am Communion (in person)
  • 4:00 pm Filipino Baptist

Monday, January 8th

  • 7:00 pm Den 1
  • 7:00 pm Den 2/4
  • 7:30 pm Square Thrus

Tuesday, January 9th

  • 9:30 am Soccer Shots
  • 10:30 am Bible Study
  • 6:30 pm Soccer Shots Seasonal

Wednesday, January 10th

  • Church Offfice CLOSED
  • 6:00 pm Bible Study
  • 7:00 pm Square Dancing
  • 7:00 pm Den 3/6

Thursday, January 11th

  • 7:00 pm Boy Scouts
  • 7:30 pm Toastmasters

Friday, January 12th

  • 5:30 pm Cub Scout Camp In

Saturday, January 13th

  • 10:30 am Memorial
  • 7:00 pm Square Dancing

Sunday, January 14th

  • 10:00 am Worship Service
  • 11:20 am Worship Band
  • Noon Communion (online)
  • 4:00 pm Filipino Baptist


Church Office Hours

The Church Office is CLOSED Wednesday, January 10th.

Monday & Tuesday: 9:00 am - noon

Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday- Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

We ask that you call before visiting.


Ministry Opportunities

Just a special word of thanks to all of you who made our holiday "merry and bright".  The individual tokens of love and the church's Christmas gift were greatly appreciated.

Bible Study Classes Resume

This week our Tuesday morning class (10:30 a.m. to noon on ZOOM only) and our Wednesday evening class (6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. both ZOOM and in person) will resume meeting.  All are welcome and invited to participate.  We will pick up on our study of Reading the Old Testament Through Jewish Eyes by Rabbi Evan Moffic.  BOTH CLASSES will pick up on Session #6 on Deuteronomy.  In preparation, please think about the following:

1.)  Exploring how Deuteronomy 6:5 teaches us about what it means to love God.

2.)  When you think about your own personal legacy, what parts of the faith seem most important to pass on to the next generation?

3.)  In thinking about Deuteronomy 6:5, what does it mean to love the Lord your God with all your heart?  With all your soul?  With all your might?

4.)  Look at Deuteronomy 6:5 in other translations.  What differences do you see?  Are there others that resonant with you more?  Any resonant less?

We will talk in each class about "next steps".  

Interactive Christmas Bulletin Board
Our bulletin board is ready for Christmas.  Come take a star, write on it one of the reasons that you are blessed and use a push pin to set it in the sky.  It will be awe-inspiring!

Upper Rooms
Upper Rooms for January - February are available in the narthex.

Hat and Mitten Tree
Our Hat and Mitten Tree remains in the Narthex throughout the Christmas season and all items collected will be given to Woodridge schools to be distributed to children who are in need.  Thank you to those who have already donated - our tree is looking festive!

60th Anniversary Celebration
Did you know that our church is turning 60 years old?  What were you doing when you turned 60? If you haven't  made it there yet, what are your plans for 60?  We have started a year long celebration of 60 years of ministry here at Woodridge UMC.  If you have ideas of events you would like to see happen this year, or simply want to "be in the room where it happens", let us know.  No idea is too ______ anything!!  Look forward to celebrating our 60 years together.

WUMC Music Ensembles 2023-2024
Our Music Ministry offers you three ways to get involved: the Handbell Choir, the Worship Band, and the Adult Choir. This could be the year you take that “leap of faith” and join a group! All ensembles are LOW commitment. We ask that you please attend the rehearsals leading up to the service date. It is that simple! For a full schedule see the e-News or the handout in the narthex.
In order to plan music, please RSVP to Carrie by the dates listed.  See the full schedule here.

Worship Band (RSVP was due Dec. 17)

Rehearsal- VOCALS ONLY

Jan. 7

8:30-9:30 AM
(Carrie has a 12 PM call time for a Hawks game)

Music Room

Rehearsal- ALL

Jan. 14

11:20 AM-12:30 PM

Music Room

Rehearsal- ALL

Jan. 21

11:20 AM-12:30 PM

Music Room


Jan. 28

10 AM

Rehearse in the sanctuary at 8:45 AM

Youth Ministry 2024
Watch this space for a time to come with ideas for the rest of the year!

Sunday School

 Activity Bags are available in the Narthex.
We use inspiring stories, creative crafts, and fun games—all done with guidance of loving, dedicated teachers—to engage our students.

Here’s our process: Children begin the worship service in the sanctuary with their family. Following the “Praying” segment, the children will be invited up to the chancel steps for conversation with the pastors. (We call that time “Conversing with Children.”) Following that, the Sunday School teacher will meet the children in the Narthex (the big room outside the sanctuary) and walk them to their classroom. They will be in either the Trinity Room in the main hallway or the Blue Room in the Preschool wing.

Vision/Action Board Workshop
Join us at WUMC on either Tuesday 1/16 from 6:30 - 9 or Sunday 1/21 from 2 - 4:30 for a Vision/Action board workshop. The class, led by Karen Novak is $10 per person and will provide all the supplies needed to create a visual depiction of your goals for 2024 and the actions needed to achieve them. Contact Karen at with questions or to sign up. 

Would you like to speak with more confidence in any setting? Toastmasters can help! The Woodridge Toastmasters club meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Woodridge United Methodist Church. Come visit us and see for yourself! For more information contact John.


Northern Illinois Conference 

Dec. 13, 2023
Dear Servants in ministry,
Greetings in this holy time of anticipation and promise.
At this time of year, we celebrate the coming of a child. Christmas, Epiphany, the boy Jesus in the temple—all center on a child.
Indeed, children should always be in our hearts and minds. And now, people who were abused as children need our Christian compassion and generosity.
Repair the Harm to Children, the Northern Illinois Conference campaign to address the needs of people who suffered abuse in a Boy Scout troop as children, needs our support.
Many churches, including United Methodists, have chartered Boy Scouts of America troops or packs over the years. As part of the settlement of a lawsuit brought by these survivors, the United Methodist Church has agreed to contribute $30 million to a survivors’ fund over a three-year period. Northern Illinois Conference’s share is $754,348.
Your church can be part of the healing for these survivors by committing an amount equal to 1 percent of its budget to this fund. This amount is payable over three years. Your church will still have 99 percent for local and church-wide ministries.
We don't invite people to pledge because they participated in the harm. We invite you to give because you care about the welfare of children and want to help those who were hurt as children to experience healing.
The Repair the Harm to Children campaign is not only about financial compensation for the survivors. We also commit to listening to survivors, if they request it, with compassion. We will also redouble our efforts to keep our churches safe for children and vulnerable adults.
Our conference has received, as of this date, donations and pledges from 28 churches and several individuals. We have received commitments for $136,770, 18 percent of our goal. So far, pledging churches have contributed $54,036.69. We look ahead with confidence that we Northern Illinois United Methodists will achieve our goal.
Steps Toward Participation

  1. Your church identifies the amount of its pledge.
  2. Visit and complete the Pledge Form linked from that page.
  3. When your church is ready to begin fulfilling its pledge, visit the Make a Payment link on that page. Remember, your church can fulfill its pledge over three years.

This site also contains many resources to help interpret the importance of this commitment. People in your church who have participated in Scouts as young people or leaders and those who care deeply about children’s wellbeing can serve as ambassadors for this opportunity to help others.
Please remember that Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other youth organizations support children’s faith formation and are worth hosting in our churches. The BSA commits itself to strengthened protections for participants. Adding your church’s vigilant observations of Safe Sanctuaries practices, Scout troops and packs can be a safe and enriching experience.
Knowing about NIC churches’ and individuals’ generosity, I look forward to our receiving your pledges and gifts.
It is good to be in ministry with you.

Dan Schwerin, Bishop
Northern Illinois Conference

If you would like more information, you can visit the FAQ page here.

Prairie Central District Leadership Training
Join leaders in your district in various training opportunities on Saturday, January 27th at 9:00 am – 3:45 pm at Barrington UMC.  See the flyer in the e-News for more information.
Classes include (will be able to select 1 from the morning and 1 from the afternoon sessions):

  • Connecting Money to Mission - Rev. Tammy Scott, chair of CCFA
  • Communications: Getting the Word Out - Rev. Victoria Rebeck, NIC Dir. Of Communication
  • How to Tell Your Story & Reach Your Community - Rev. DS Jeffry Bross
  • Talking/Thinking About God Matters - Rev. Joe Johnson & Rev. Dr. Felicia Laboy
  • Reclaiming the Testimony of Peter – Rev. Dr.  Gene Green
  • Legacy Giving - Rev. Tammy Scott, chair of CCFA
  • Secret Worshipper - Rev. DS Jeffry Bross
  • Picturing Peter in Christian Art – Rev. Dr. Daniel Cochran

Questions: Contact Jeffry Bross.
Bishop's Days on the Dirstrict
Please join Bishop Dan Schwerin for a day of reflection and conversation on your district in February.  Prairie Central - Tuesday, February 13th – Laity Event: Lombard: First UMC at 6:30 pm. No registration needed.  Other dates are available if you cannot make the one for your district.  See the flyer in the narthex.
Laity Convocation 2024
Save the date for 2024’s Lay Convocation, February. 10th, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at First UMC, Belvidere. Theme: "Growing Together in Love: Learning to Have Courageous/Respectful Conversations."

Prairie Central Informal Gatherings with the District Superintendent
Informational gatherings will be held on the second Thursday of the month. 
Zoom Links (The links will stay the same for all meetings, though clergy links and lay links will be different)
Clergy Gathering 9:00 am link.
Lay Gathering 7:00 pm link.
Lay persons: This is NOT for Lay Leaders only. It is intended for all lay persons who want to know more about what is going on and be connected.

Northern Illinois Conference
Find out about upcoming events in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church by clicking this link  

Outreach Opportunities

January Outreach Offering

Family Crisis Fund

The Family Crisis Fund is used by our pastor to assist church members and community members who come to us needing help with food, utilities, prescription medicines, gas, emergency rental payments, and similar.
Your monetary donations to the Family Crisis Fund via the January Outreach are a tremendous help. You can also donate gift cards. Gift cards from grocery stores and gas stations are the most requested and thus the most helpful. Your generosity is greatly appreciated as, together, we are the hands, feet, and voice of Christ each day.

Ways to donate to the January Outreach Offering:

  • Check or cash in an Outreach Offering envelope placed in the offering plate in the
  • Narthex (the room outside the sanctuary) or in the gold-plated mail slot at the church’s east door.
  • Online via our website. Select “Current Month Outreach” in the drop down menu.
  • Text the amount you want to give to 630-449-7121 and select “Current Month Outreach” in the drop down menu.

Ongoing Opportunities

Suits for Success
Please be aware that after many years, Suits for Success has closed its doors and is no longer accepting clothing donations. 

"Goin' Green" Shoes & Clothes Recycling Box

Located in the northeast corner of our parking lot, this receptacle is a convenient place to recycle any shoes and your clothes that are at or near the end of their usefulness.

Did you know discarded clothes account for more total landfill space than any other waste item? The “Goin’ Green” Box helps us reduce our waste.


West Suburban Food Pantry

We have a basket that we "inherited" from the Faith, Lisle church that is waiting for donations.  It sits in the narthex, usually near the sanctuary doors.  They did not stop operating during the pandemic and there is pending legislation in our state and nation that might cut their corporate donations in large amounts.  Let's replenish our basket!!!


Used Eyeglasses
There is a basket also in the narthex for collecting used eyeglasses.  Kendra Manderfield Moore makes sure  that they are recycled to the Lions Club and Gift of Sight groups.  (Prescription eyeglasses only).




Worship Service

Wellness Guidelines

WUMC considers the good health and well-being of not only our members, but also our community, an act of Christian stewardship. We continue to seek to avoid harm and do good as we attend to the practices that help us grow in the love of God. As a result of guideline changes from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we have updated our COVID Safety Guidelines:

  • We recommend each group consult with each other on how to do good and avoid harm as a group in consideration of each other's needs and desires.
  • We will continue to practice COVID-19 safety best practices throughout our building including cleaning protocols and air circulation.

If you are feeling sick, please stay home and join us via livestream on YouTube. If community transmission spikes in our area, we may return to mask requirements for all activities.  We follow the CDC guidelines.

Online Worship

Where to find the YouTube Live Stream

The worship service is live-streamed every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on our Woodridge UMC YouTube Channel. All available worship service recordings are on our channel too.


Sacrament of Communion 1st Sundays
We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Communion in person on the first Sunday of each month immediately following the livestream of our worship service. We will need a few moments to set up our ZOOM link for those who are not able to be with us in person.  Please remain seated following the postlude on the Sundays that we are serving communion.  Please remember that communion is available every Sunday via ZOOM.  Please contact the church office or Pastor Danita for the ZOOM link.

Worship Attendance

If you watch the online service, please email the church office at and let us know that you joined us for worship, so that we might record your attendance.

Prayer Requests for Worship
Our joys and concerns are announced during worship service and printed and placed on the table in the narthex as you come into the sanctuary.  We will continue to do this going forward.  Therefore, all joys and concerns must be emailed to Pastor Danita ( no later than 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.  If joys and concerns are received after that, they will be sent on Monday to the Prayer Ministry Team.  Thank you for your flexibility as we make updates to our worship services.

(There have been requests that we include full names and/or more detailed information for people on our list of Joys & Concerns.  Please remember our services are broadcast on YouTube and are available to anyone who has internet access. Details are shared with our Prayer Ministry Team on Monday mornings.  You are invited to join them in prayer and share in this information by contacting the church office).

Offering Options

There are different options for getting your offering to the church.

  • Go to the website & click on the Giving tab at the top of the page or go straight there with this link.
  • Text 630.449.7121 with the amount
  • Drop off in the gold mail slot next to the east door of the church.
  • Mail your offering to the church.



January 5th, 2024, Volume 14, Edition 1








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